How To Keep Silk Press From Reverting [Life Time]

Do you know how to keep the silk press from reverting? Why do you need a silk press for your hair? In this article, we will get these answers.

Curly hair has long been linked with many positive features: fun, flirtatious, romantic, spontaneous, and stylish, to name a few. Many celebrities made this style accessible, and although this returned in the late 1980s or early 1990s, curly hair, whether natural or not, continued to be popular with women to this day.

how to make a silk press last longer

It’s a well-known fact that curly hair worn in all its glory often catches your eye. Lucky women get natural curly locks, and they often want straight hair and women with naturally straight hair dream of curling. The good news is, whatever your current hair condition is, you can get beautiful curls. You can achieve your best looking hair using a silk press.

 What is this silk press idea?

It is an expert styling method that uses non-chemical tactics to turn natural hair into a super-soft condition. The process makes your hair to be easily straightened or curled without the use of heat styling. The silk pressing makes your natural hair stay relaxed for a short time. With this method, your hair looks very silky, soft, and naturally curled. Though we have said that the curls stay for a short time, your natural hair can stay curled for a long time and it from reverting. Here are some of the tips that can help you on how to keep the silk press from reverting.

How to keep silk press from reverting

how to keep silk press from reverting

Before looking at the tips, it is good to know how long silk press lasts and the benefits of prevents of preventing reverting. A good silk press lasts even for two weeks. With proper care, though, the silk press can last longer than that. Now, here are the tips on how to keep the silk press from reverting.

Avoid water at all means.

Daily washing is not necessary. This can remove the natural oils that keep the silk press on. If you decide to wash it, do it before silk pressing. While washing, be sure to use only the perfect shampoo and conditioner that is meant to care for silk press. Choose those that contain a hydrating formula and reduce wrinkles. Start by washing your hair by massaging your scalp with shampoo and then letting the foam go to the ends of your hair. Apply conditioner in the center of your hair, up to the terms. Warm water is beautiful, but it is good to avoid using hot water, as this can dry out the curls. Once a week, you will need to use a deep hydration treatment to strengthen curls and keep hair healthy. The monthly hot oil treatment is also great for adding vitality and life to your hair.

Keep your recently silk pressed hair wrapped

Silk presses are not permanent; thus, they can be affected by some environmental conditions like wind. To keep the silk press last longer, you need to secure your hair. Silk wraps are the best in doing this. Keeping your hair wrapped will reduce the amount of wind flowing through it, thus keeping the silk press long.

 Avoid too much styling.

Keep blow dryer Silk Press From Reverting

Brushing silk pressed hair is not recommended. Instead, use a silk press blow dryer or your fingers to style your silk pressed hair. Avoid products that have alcohol, as they can damage your curls. If you are going to style your curly hair, you should always moisturize it with a tiny water spray before applying any styling product. This way, you can reduce overstretching it. If you happen to touch it with water, never sleep while your hair is still wet because you will wake up with silk presses out of control.


Now, if you want to look curled naturally for even just a day, it would be smart to use a silk press blow dryer that is effective for most straight hair. With this dryer, you will achieve the best hairstyle that you have wished to have. We believe that the above tips will help you on how to keep the silk press from reverting. Cheers!

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