How To Get Beachy Waves With A Curling Wand[Entire Life]

Do you want beachy waves hair? Do you know how to get beachy waves with a curling wand? A curling wand is one of the most popular hair styling devices used at home. While the current generation may think that most of these design tools and tools are modern inventions, they are just modifications made from devices that first appeared centuries ago.

A curling wand is easy to use the equipment and offers fantastic results. You can agree that within a short time, you will learn how to get beachy hair with a curling wand for those who know it. But before learning how to get beachy hair waves with a curling wand, it is good to learn some precautions that you should take.

How To Get Beachy Waves With A Curling Wand easily

Safety tips when using a curling wand

  1. The most important thing to do is to “turn off” the device and remove the plug once you have finished using the tool. Of course, you should never use the wand in the bathroom or where it could accidentally fall into the tub. If the device accidentally falls into the water, don’t reach for it and pull it. First, turn off the machine and remove the plug; Only then can you get it out of the water. Similarly, the device should also not use at outdoors, especially if any nebulizer is present.
  2. The method should not use near water. Many women use the wand in their bathroom. Many serious accidents occurred, especially during the morning rush. Remember that the device powered by electricity even when the switch is off.
  3. Caution should also exercise when using the tool near disabled people and children.
  4. When the appliance is still connected to the mains, it should not install unless you use individual ceramic plates to return it.
  5. As with all other electrical devices, care should take when using a curling wand near children.
  6. If you feel that the device cable is damaged, you should stop using it immediately. Also, it would help if you did not try to repair the device yourself; Instead, install it expertly or buy a new one, and the red wire should keep away from hot surfaces.
  7. Your hair must be clean and dry before use.
  8. The curling wand should also not use near the eyes or broken skin.
  9. The wrinkled rod containing tourmaline drums and ceramic coating crimp in seconds makes sure not to touch it with bare hands.
  10. Before using the device to curl or straighten hair, be sure to use heat and spray protection serum. This will prevent damage to the hair shaft.
  11. The heated wand should never be touched directly, and you should wear a thermal protective glove. Most notable brands provide one with the device.
  12. The unit should be allowed to warm up for 30 to 40 seconds, and most brands use 60Hz AC to 120V.
  13. Always use a good shampoo and conditioner depending on your hair type. If you don’t know what your hair type is, there are many online methods (other than not being connected to the internet) to fix it. Your designer can also guide you.

If you follow the above tips while learning how to get beachy hair waves with a curling wand, you will avoid some of the following problems.

Get Beachy Waves With A Curling Wand

How to get beachy waves with a curling wand

  1. Connect the curling wand and let it heat up to the desired temperature. If your device has a thermostat or temperature control, you can select the desired heat level for the curls you need. See the instruction manual for temperature settings.
  2. Wear a thermal glove to prevent burns on your hands and fingers.
  3. Comb your hair to remove tangles, if any
  4. Pass the top half of your hair into a clip.
  5. Divide your hair into 1-inch sections. With your other hand, place the roller of the device over the top of the part of the hair near the scalp. The wand should be at the top of the hair and not underneath. Now wrap the hair around the wand and then move it down to the length of your hair until the ends wrap around it.
  6. Repeat the procedure using the tool on the remaining parts of your hair.

Burns caused by the device.

Also, most curling wands heat up within seconds after lighting. Never touch the hot section, as this can cause severe burns to your hands and fingers. Even during the folding process, the barrel’s heat can cause burns to the ears, neck, and scalp. If these injuries are severe blisters and bleeding, then one should seek immediate medical attention. An anti-poison cream should be used immediately on burns. It would help if you also tried to reduce thermal damage to your fingers and hands by wearing heat protection gloves.

Thermal damage to the hair shaft

Curling wands usually use heat to curl hair. This heat can be very damaging to the hair shaft. Consequently, one should make use of the nebulizers and thermal protection gels readily available on the market. Take special care when using the device’s high-temperature setting. 


Today these devices are an indispensable tool for the hairdresser. Women with thin hair can instantly add volume and curls for a beachy look. Similarly, women with curly hair can also straighten their hair with a curling wand. There is often a question in every woman’s mind about the best tool: the curling wand or the iron.

Experts say wands are better than iron because they are easier to use and do less damage to hair. The curling iron also requires you to put your hair into a clip. This can damage and break hair. The heat may also damage the hair shaft. On the other hand, the wand is a safer tool due to the ceramic wand and negative ion technology. The wand or tourmaline can hold the heat for a more extended period, and the individual can give the required braids in minutes. The negative ion technology of the curling iron ensures less damage to the hair shaft.

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