How To Flat Iron Short Hair For Volume – Easy Solution

Thin hair and its causes have been bothering people for a long time.  In most cases, it occurs due to inheritance problems, but the main factor causing thin hair is the stress that creates skin damage.  Second, it could be caused by hormonal imbalance, infection, illness, and overdose of cosmetics. The result of hair thinning is low hair volume on your head, which may lead to baldness. Although the cause of thin hair is challenging to understand, the solution is easy to find, there is a range of tips on the market, from shampoo and conditioner to flat iron that you use on your short hair to give it an enhanced look.  Here we have discussed detail about how to flat iron short hair for volume.

How to flat iron your hair & maintain volume

Some people may decide to add hair extensions while others may choose to go for a hair transplant. All the choices depend on you and the amount of money that you have. It is essential to use an affordable method and choose the product that will fit your lifestyle and condition. In this article, we recommend the use of flat iron for curling short hair. The reason for this is, the practice is affordable, and the results are long-lasting.

How to flat iron short hair for volume

Usually, when we think of a flat iron, we only think of straightening the hair. However, with the correct technique, a flat iron can also be used to curl hair. The key is to have the iron as close to 1 inch as possible and if your hair is short or even smaller. To start, you need to make sure that the flat iron you are using is the most suitable for your hair type. But you must not buy a new iron if you already have it; instead, try adjusting the heat to higher settings for thick hair and low temperature for thin hair. Because we are talking about thin hair, keep the heat as low as possible.

Have thermal styling products with you

How To Flat Iron Short Hair For Volume

The products act as protective barriers between the hot iron and your hair. Without it, you risk damaging your hair, which could lead to dehydration and breakage.  Next, you don’t need to iron your hair when it’s dirty. The best results come from freshly washed and dried well.

Comb your hair to the volume it

Comb your hair and then put it in sections. The easiest and fastest way is to hold the hair over your head, then wrap it and clip it on. If your hair is very curly, you will have to comb each part before passing the iron through it. In short, it is good to stay away from the scalp and try not to push too much hair through the flat iron at the same time.

The next and most crucial part is the speed with which the iron glides through your hair. If you pull your hair fast, you won’t get the results you want, and if you pull too slowly, you risk damaging your hair. If your hair is very curly and difficult to straighten, slow this speed down a bit. When you get to the end of the hair, hold it a little longer. This will ensure that you get perfectly clean edges.

Having a volumized hair look

How To Flat Iron Short Hair For Volumized look

It is a great way to move something around the ends of your hair.  To get started, follow the same steps outlined in the straightening section. Be sure to start from the roots until the rest of the hair is silky and straight with the face only at the ends. When you get to the ends, twist your wrist in or out, forcing the hair to now slide over the plates at an angle. Remember that hair movement occurs according to the location of hot iron, so the more you twist your wrist.


The ideal secret to curling thin hair is to slow down a bit while rotating your wrist. The essential factor is, you have a continuous movement almost as if you were walking in the hair, but do not put too much tension because this will leave marks on the head. We believe that you have learned how to use a flat iron for curling short hair with the above tips.

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