How To Use A Rounded Flat Iron For Curls [Good Life]

Rounded flat iron the most used device for curling hair. Many ladies use this device widely because it creates full and bouncy curls that don’t look like coils. It takes a little practice to learn how to use the unit, but once you learn the technique, you will create beautiful curls. But how can you use a rounded flat iron to create curls? In this post, we will give you step by step tips on how to use a rounded flat iron for curls.

how to use a rounded flat iron for curls

Step By Step Guide On Use A Rounded Flat Iron For Curls

In this section, we will describe step by step procedure of using a rounded flat iron for curls.

Step one: Gather all necessary products

Before you starting curling your hair using a rounded flat iron, you need to fist gagster all the necessary products required to curl your hair. Essential products that you need to have included an oil-based spray to spray on the hair before you start ironing and a spray to hold the curls. The oil-based oil will add a shiny appearance to your hair as well as protect your hair while it curls. Remember that not all oil-based sprays on the market are genuine. So, when buying one, ensure you buy from a trustworthy store.

Step two: Prepare your hair.

rounded flat iron for curls

Clean your hair; then, give it time to dry completely. Please don’t start curling your hair before it dry’s complete because we or damp hair won’t curl.  It is, therefore, essential to dry your hair completely before you curl. Dirty hair will also don’t hold on to its shape for long. If you are planning to curl your hair, it is recommended that you wash your hair 24 hours before curling. This will give your hair enough time to dry before you use your hair straightener for curly hair. If you are blow-drying your hair first before curling, then use a hair gel. The gel will help prevent your hair from looking flat as you curl.

Step three: Apply a thermal spray.

Applying a thermal spray or heat protectant is crucial as it creates a barrier between the hair and iron that prevents the hair from burning and frizzling. Apply the thermal spray all over your hair. You don’t need to comb your hair while applying the spray because it will mist and dry quickly.

Step four: Separate your hair into small sections

It isn’t easy to curl your hair as a whole. To get high-quality curls, then it better to group your hair into small sections. The number of segments to create depends on your hair’s thickness. If your hair is very thick, then you need to create more divisions. Tie up the rest of the hair above your ears using a bun to remain with a section that you want to curl.

Step five: Use a rounded flat iron to curl your hair

rounded flat iron for curls hair

Use your rounded flat iron to curl your hair. Before you start using your rounded flat iron, give it some minutes to heat up. You can use many techniques to get the curls that you are looking for, including alternating flicks and curls. Also, you can turn your flat iron in full turn to create more pronounced curls. You can even turn your rounded fat iron under and over or try flat waves,

Step six: Add some hairspray

If your hair does not curl easily using the techniques mentioned above, you need to put some hairsprays. The hairspray will enable your hair to curl with ease. It will also help your hair together. Please don’t spray too much hairspray on the air. Grab a section of your hair and curl it gently using the Rounded flat iron. The amount of hair that you curl should be small. The smaller the section, the tighter the curls.

On the other hand, curling a more extensive section of your hair will result in looser and bouncer curls. If you want tighter curls, then limit your sections to less than two inches. Please don’t do the tips of your hair until the end because they retire the least amount of heat to retain the curl. Use less heat for blonde hair and more heat for dark hair. Feel your hair as you curl to know if you have set the right temperature. If the heat is not sufficient, then your hair will not curl well as you would want. Please adjust the heat accordingly based on your hair type.

Step seven: Finish up

Once you are done curling all sections of your hair, you can leave it that way or add some final touches to make it more appealing. If you want looser curls, then all you need to do is run your finger gently on your hair and disarrange it. This will give it a more volume and a relaxed, natural look.  On the other hand, if you want your curls to hold on more tightly, spray it with a suitable hairspray all over the curls to keep them tight and sleep throughout the day. Consider using an anti humid spray if you live in a high wet area. You can also use oil polish and comb the top part of the hair to smoothen it. Now clean your flat iron for the next use.


How long does it take to curl my hair?

Curling your way will take 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your hair volume, hair type, the curling iron, and the results you want to achieve.

My hair does not curl, what may be the problem?

The reason why you hairdos not curl is that it has not dried well, or it has not been cleaned well. Please ensure that you wash your hair before you start curling.

Final verdict

Creating curls using a rounded flat iron is easy. Before you start curling your hair, ensure that you wash it thoroughly and give it enough time to dry. Also, ensure that you have all the necessary products needed to including an oil spray and thermal spray to help make the curling process smooth.

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