How To Remove Eyelash Glue Easily At Home [Life Longer]

False eyelashes are known for their look enhancement. In this age and time, everyone wants long and full lashes, which is not an easy achievement. But putting on eyelashes will guarantee you noticeable improvements to your eyes, and this is every lady’s desire. The best thing about them is that they are easy to remove.
Here we describe how to remove eyelash glue at home.

remove eyelash extension glue

Step By Step Guide On How To Remove Eyelash Glue At Home

Method 1: Using Eye Makeup Remover

1. Never peel off your eyelashes.

The easiest way to remove eyelashes would be to peel them off, but this brings about sagging of the skin around your eyes. It can also tear out your natural lashes, which can be very painful. Have in mind that pulling them off makes it easier for your lashes to fall out more easily in the near future.

2.Use a non-oil-based eye makeup remover.

It is always advisable to remove the lashes with a gentle non-oil-based remover since some removers are known to be irritating to the skin. The non-oil-based remover softens the eyelash glue which holds the fake eyelashes.

First soak a cotton with the remover and hold it onto your closed eyelids for a minute or so. By doing this, removal of your false eyelashes becomes easy and pain- free.

3. Use oil-based remover.

When you have removed your false eyelashes, soak a cotton round with the gentle oil-based remover for your eyes and place them on your eyelids. By doing this, you ensure that any adhesive glue that has been left behind is wiped off.

4. Clean your eyelashes.

After removing your false eyelashes, place them on a paper towel and pray a bit of alcohol lotion on them from the band down to the tips of the eyelashes. By doing this, you ensure that you remove any bacterial leftover on the glue. Instead of using the alcohol lotion, you can use any make remover wipes or liquid remover provided they are not oil-based.

The moment you use an oil-based remover on them, they are rendered useless for the next time you want them.

Step 2: Dissolving the Glue with Oil

You can use three different oils to remove your false eyelashes. These are using Vaseline, coconut oil, or olive oil. Here we describe how to remove eyelash glue using oil.

how to remove eyelash glue

1. Using Vaseline. In this case, follow this procedure:

  • First ensure that you have removed all makeup if you previously applied any with makeup remover then thoroughly Wash your face.
  • Prepare a steam bath in a large bowl and place your head over it for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure that the face is not too close because the steam can burn you. By doing this, the steam will start to denature the adhesive glue, allowing easy removal.
  • You can use a fingertip to apply a small amount of Vaseline to the glue in a swiping motion. This will gently dissolve the glue and on the removal of the lashes.
  • Finally, wash your face to remove excess Vaseline then moisturize as needed.

2.Using coconut oil. Follow this procedure:

  • There are a variety of coconut oils in the market hence this calls you to choose the best that suits your needs. The best for eyelashes removal would be the organic with extra virgin unrefined coconut oil because it is highest in antioxidants.
  • Prepare a steam bath in a large bowl and place your head over it for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure that the face is not too close because the steam can burn you. By doing this, the steam will start to denature the adhesive glue, allowing easy removal.
  • Hold the coconut oil over the team for it to turn into liquid for easier application.
  • Get a cotton pad, dip it into the coconut oil and apply it slowly in a swiping motion to dissolve the glue gently. You can repeat the process to totally dissolve the glue.
  • The last step calls for face washing and applying the needed moisturizer or pat off the excess oil with a paper towel.

3. Using olive oil. In this case, follow this procedure:

  • Olive oil has been known for its preciousness when it comes to skincare. It is high in antioxidants and squalene, which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Ensure to remove all make up thoroughly.
  • You can prepare a steam bath and place your face over it for 10 -15 minutes.
  • Take a cotton pad and soak it into the olive oil and apply over your eyelids in a slow and swiping motion to dissolve the glue. Repeat the process t until all the glue dissolves totally.
  • After all glue has come off, wash the face once more. This ensures that you remove any extra olive oil and moisturize your skin as required. You can also dab excess off with a paper towel.

Step 3: Steaming Off the Glue

The glue that is applied to the false eyelashes tends to be stronger than the normal glue because the normal lashes are designed to last longer. Here we describe how to remove eyelash glue using a steamer.

1. remove eye makeup.

Ensure you remove all the mascara, eyeliner Or any other makeup that you have applied. While doing all this always ensure you have your kettle heating up the water because it needs to cool down.

2. Add steam into a bowl.

For this purpose you can use a steamer or the water should be hot enough so it can do its job effectively. Pour the water into your bowl and let face down over the bowl. Make sure you are not too close because the steam can burn. Stay there for 10 to 15 minutes as the steam works its magic to loosen up the glue.

3. Gently wipe the lashes with makeup remover.

The next step will be to soak a cotton wool pad in an oil-based makeup remover or even baby oil. This helps the glue to peel off easily. Gently wipe the lashes in a downward direction over the eye until the false eyelashes start to peel off.

4. Splash your face with cool water and follow up with a moisturizer.

After steaming the face, the pores will open up during the removal of the glue, so it is vital to ensure they close again. You can achieve it by washing your face normally, then finish with a splash of cool water. Pat your skin dry with a towel then apply your usual moisturizer to seal your skin.

5. Avoid using the steam method more than once a week.

In this age and time, you can find using the false eyelashes every day of the week as the aim is also to enhance the looks. If this happens to be the case it is advisable not to use the steaming method every other time you want to remove the lashes.

Steaming your face often is not advisable because it causes breakouts and renders your face less sensitive. Ensure you alternate your methods of eyelash removal.