Venum Boxing Gloves – The Choice of New Era

The Venum brand is one of the famous and biggest boxing gloves brands in the MMA world. Some of the gloves are made from vinyl and also real leather. The Venum boxing gloves come with a lot of cool designs and colors to suit the fighter’s choice. Some of the gloves are used basically for training, while some of them are excellent choices for both professional and amateur fights.

Venum Boxing Gloves - The Choice of New Era

There are various types of Venum boxing gloves. Some of them include; Venum contender boxing gloves, Venum challenger boxing gloves, Venum sharp boxing gloves, Venum elite boxing gloves, and Venum gaint3 boxing gloves, etc. These Venum boxing gloves are all assembled and manufactured in Thailand, and it is designed with the Venum logo embedded at the back of the glove. The primary colors of the Venum boxing gloves are black, blue, red, and white.

1. Venum contender boxing gloves

These are the cheapest type of the Venum boxing gloves brand as they are less padded and used mostly for training and fitness purposes. As a result of the less padding of the gloves. Therefore, don’t provide enough protection for the wrist area and fingers.

Venum Boxing Gloves - The Choice of New Era

2. Venum challenger boxing gloves

These gloves are designed for training and causal purposes, but unlike the Venum contender gloves, these provide a little bit of comfort for the fighter when worn and used for training.

3. Venum elite boxing gloves

These gloves are much more expensive when compared to the challenger and contender boxing gloves. It is made of semi leather, offers wrist protection, and acts as a shock absorber to protect the arms whenever an impact is made. These Venum elite boxing gloves provide heat control to the palm. Also, more extended wrist cuffs to fit the palm and wrist appropriately.

Venum Boxing Gloves - The Choice of New Era

4. Venum sharp boxing gloves

This boxing glove is one of the best artworks from the Venum brand. The Venum sharp boxing gloves are made from real leather, which makes it of high quality. Also, the gloves can be used for both training and competition purposes. The glove possesses a breathable mesh around the palm to the wrist area, allowing ventilation to the whole hand and fingers.

5. Venum giant3 boxing gloves

These brand of the Venum boxing gloves can be regarded as the premium gloves as they are more padded for comfort and also acts a shock absorber. They are made from real leather, which contains a lining to wick moisture away. The Venum giant3 boxing glove, also known as the Venum gladiator boxing glove, is similar to the Thai boxing glove as it has the same feel and touch. These boxing gloves are 100% handmade, and they are super comfortable, provides wrist and palm support. The Venum gaint3 boxing gloves are used mainly for professional fights and competitions.

The Venum boxing gloves provide good lining, which prevents sweat from breaking the padded area of the gloves; it is durable and also offers adequate wrist support.

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