How To Clean Eyelash Extensions With Micellar Water – Good Way

Best looking eyelashes can give your eyes the best look you will never imagine. But do you know that these lashes need cleaning too? Do you know how to clean eyelash extensions with micellar water? Like any other permanent makeup treatment, eyelash extensions also require gentle and loving care. Since the extensions are connected to the natural lashes, they will fall out with the natural lashes. Repair is needed every 4 to 6 weeks, but proper care will prevent premature removal. Here’sHere’s what to remember:

Don’t of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash cleaning don'ts
  • Never use waterproof or oily mascara on your lashes, as it will be challenging to remove. You will find that lashes do not need a mask at all. Even if you want a mascara look, go for a watery look. The specially designed mascara is available for eyelash extensions.
  • Avoid oil-based cosmetics or even moisturizers around the eye area, as they tend to crack the eyelash extensions glue used to attach extensions to natural lashes. This will cause them to fall off beforehand.
  • Never use lash curls or other heavy tools on lashes. The extensions are already curved and will no longer be necessary.

In summary, eyelash extensions should be handled with care. In the above tips, we have been talking about avoiding certain things. The question is, what is the best solution to use in cleaning eyelash extensions? Micellar water! What is this? It is a France made facial cleanser applied as a substitute for cleaning soft facial skin. Though it is called Micellar water, it doesn’t need water to remove makeup or cleanse the face. Micellar water contains surfactant particles and molecules that naturally attract oil and any type of dirt from the surfaces.

How to clean eyelash extensions with micellar water

Your eyelashes will fall if you fail to clean them regularly. Experts always advise avoiding water, but they have never given any alternative for the same. With us here, we have recommended micellar water. This is a substance that will ensure that your eyelashes are clean, and the eyelash extensions glue holding them is intact. 

Learning to clean eyelash extensions with micellar water is simple; thus, you need to learn much before starting the whole process. 

Eyelash Extensions With Micellar Water

Who is micellar water good for?

If you have sensitive skin, this product is the best for you. Micellar water is formulated with substances that help fight and take away any dirt from your eyelash extensions without affecting the eyes. Above all, it the best to maintain the strength of your eyelash extensions glue, thus making it last longer than usual. Being a user-friendly substance, it does not require further rinsing as most clean substance demand after use. It gives full eyelash protection. 

Using micellar water

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions With Micellar Water

Remember when cleaning your eyelash extensions, avoid rough cleaning or rubbing. 

  1. Place gel-like pad mostly on the lower lid of your eyes to prevent the lower eyelashes from being touched, thus exposing the upper eyelash extensions. The pad will also prevent the cleaning agent from falling into the eyes. 
  2. Just a few strokes, either with the original micellar cleansing water-free cleanser, micellar water towels, or micellar water makeup remover wipes, you can gently clean the eyelash extensions and the skin around the eyes. 
  3. After clean, wait for some minutes before removing the gel-like pad that protects your eyes. Once done, rinse your micellar water towels and keep them for next time use. 


If you are searching for an alternative to traditional eyelash extension cleaner, micelle technology has come with a fantastic option for you and your family. Wear your best eyelash extensions then find the matching micellar water that you can use to clean them. With the most innovative formula in this water, you will never be disappointed. You will make your eyelashes look clean and last for long. If your skin is oily, micellar water is the best because it is made to care for such skins. We hope you have learned to clean eyelash extensions with micellar water.