How to Blow Dry Natural Hair for Braids Easily In 2022

Do you need to blow dry natural hair for braids? Natural Hair is very loose and has curl patterns that are 4a or higher. It must be handled gently to avoid any breakage due to its fragility. Blow drying is an easy and quick way to dry this curly natural hair. However, it must be done gently and with particular knowledge and procedures in place. If not, you may end up damaging that natural hair that has probably taken a long time to nurture and grow.

blow dry woman braids

Besides, braids have always been perfect for any season and a great way to protect natural hair. Braids have also been fashionable for centuries through many different cultures. In this article, we look at steps to blow dry your natural hair for braids and keep it beautiful, protected, and ensure it is long-lasting. 

Blow Dry Natural Hair for Braids

washing woman hair with shampo for braids

1.    Wash your hair in warm water with shampoo

It is more manageable to handle textured hair when it is wet. Warm water helps to open up the cuticle and makes it possible for products to infiltrate the hair strands.

2.    Apply conditioner

Apply conditioner while the hair is wet. Wear a shower cap for about 5 minutes.

3.    Rinse in warm water

After 5 minutes in the shower cap, rinse your hair with warm water. Gently rinse the hair to remove the conditioner. 

4.    Use a cotton T-shirt to dab dry the hair

You should avoid using a towel. This is because towels can leave lint in your hair and can cause breakage or shedding. You can damage your hair by blow-drying it while it is soaking wet. Use the cotton T-shirt to dry you hair until it is damp gently. Ensure not to get aggressive with the drying as it could cause shedding and breakage.

5.    Finger comb your hair.

To separate kinks and knots in your hair, ensure to run your fingers through it. Of importance to note is not to use a comb or brush since it leads to shedding of your hair. Try and get all the shed hair out. Shed hair gets tangled up with healthy hair since it has no way of falling out. The shed hair left in your healthy hair is what causes knots

How to Blow Dry Natural Hair for Braids Easily In 2022

6.    Use a heat protector

A blow dryer produces heat, and this sometimes can be dangerous for your hair. It is essential to use a heat protector before blow-drying to protect your natural hair.

7.    Use the blow dryer

Plugin your blow-dryer and gently run it through your hair until it is dry.

8.    Apply Hair food

Apply hair food to the scalp and massage the hair and head with the hair food. This is to ensure the hair food gets to every string of hair.

9.    Blow-dry your hair

After applying hair food and massaging it through your head, it is likely to leave your hair looking shabby. Blow drying your hair will straighten it and leave it looking neat and shiny

10.    Trim the hair.

When the hair is looking neat and tidy, you will notice some of the hair ends are uneven. You can trim your hair at the edges and leave it looking uniform and equal.

11.    Use a leave-in conditioner.

You can apply a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair protected during the braiding process. You can use it sparingly through the braiding.

12.    Get a good Hairstylist

Last but not least, you will need a hairstylist who is good at what they do. A good hairstylist will make the process less painful and protect your hair


Different people use different methods to wash natural hair and get it ready for braiding. The procedure above can have one or two steps being done interchangeably, whereas some steps may be skipped entirely by some hairstylists. Of importance to note is the reason or function of every stage to know which step can be interchanged or omitted.

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