I know getting best blow dryer for natural hair is not an easy task. I am a woman who loves style, life, and fashion. So, I devote much of my time and resources to purchasing products and items that are geared towards enhancing my beauty and looks. I often pay particular attention to my hair as they are by far the most conspicuous of all my body parts.

One of the most significant hair care related chores is the blow drying of the hair. This procedure is crucial in that it rids the hair of all chaff, enhances its shine and overall beauty. I have spent much of my time and resources in researching the best appliances that may carry out this particular feat conveniently.

After months and months of intensive research, I managed to compile this buying guide which I am very glad to share with you. You will get to know the 10 best blow dryers for natural hair in 2020, the factors to look out for while shopping for the right dryer, common tips of how to utilize the appliance and the commonly asked questions regarding the subject matter.


In this section, we reviewed top 10 best blow dryer for natural hair of 2020. Let’s see the list.

1. Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer

Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer

Time may not often be on your side. In most instances, you will usually be confronted with the need to do your job as fast as possible. This is the niche or specialization of this particular blow dryer. It is primarily intended to deliver faster drying sessions and maximum shine as well.

Also, It is able to do so by reason of possessing top speed settings. It is also cheaper and well within your affordable range. This makes it all the more desirable to purchase.

Features and Benefits

Infrared Heat Technology

It generates infrared radiation which it subsequently uses to blow your hair. Its radiation is milder than those of most dryers. For this reason, the appliance gives rise to faster styling and maximum shine.

2 Heat and Speed Settings

For your convince of use and also for complete drying and styling flexibility, this appliance comes along with two heat and speed settings. You will not have to struggle too much to have your way at all!

Smoothing Concentrator and Volumizing Diffuser

The appliance is equipped with both a smoothing concentrator as well as a volumizing diffuser. The concentrator generates precise styling or drying whereas the diffuser softens the airflow to enhance the natural curls and waves.

3-in-1 Technology

In all, the appliance incorporates the three main technologies namely the 3X Ceramic, Tourmaline, and the Ionic, respectively. These jointly confer less damage to the hair, faster drying time, and also boosts your hair shine.


  • Generates maximum shine, softness, and controls
  • Reduces frizz and enhances shine
  • Gives rise to less hair damage
  • Enables you maximum controls courtesy of the cool shot button
  • Produces perfect hair and smooth results


  • Has a clumsy design
  • Quite cumbersome to carry around
  • Not so easy to operate


There you have it! You clearly have no other option for faster drying and maximum shines. As you can see from the foregoing, this dryer indeed has all you may look for.

What are you waiting for? Find this dryer wherever you possibly can!


2. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Dryer

In case you are a professional salonist, you just can never afford to take chances with the scope or thoroughness of your work. You just have to do a good job somehow regardless of the prevailing circumstances. This is the blow dryer to consider acquiring.

It is designed for professional usage. It is pretty effective at eliminating static and frizz while at the same time penetrates your hair more deeply and thoroughly. This way, it guarantees you nothing but higher quality outcomes indeed.

Features and Benefits

Infused with Ceramic and Tourmaline

Perhaps the most outstanding trait of this blow dryer is its infusion of the Ceramic and Tourmaline materials and components. These two ensure even heat and faster drying times.

Ionic Generator

Besides blowing your hair, the appliance also fights frizz and static. In so doing, it brings out your natural hair shines. This feature also spares your hair from any risks of damages.

7-Heat Settings

Given that hairs differ in their thickness, size, number, and density, they also require different quantities of heat to tackle. This blower understands that too well. That is why it gives you the freedom to choose seven different heat settings.

7-Speed Settings

Closely related to the above is the speed of blowing. By providing different speed settings, you will enjoy the luxury of determining how fast or how slow to do your job.


  • Generates a higher power output of about 2000 Watts
  • Exudes great aesthetics indeed
  • Premier and reliable salon brand in the world
  • Easy to hold all day long
  • Powerful enough for all your styling needs


  • Not so comprehensive (lacks some crucial parts)
  • Beyond the affordable range of most persons
  • Requires plenty of storage space


If you ever hope to eliminate static and frizz as well as penetrate your hair more deeply, this indeed is your most reliable companion. It also guarantees you high-quality outcomes as well.

Why don’t you try your lack on it if you are intent on attaining these ends?


3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

Handling rough and thick hair poses unique challenges which equally require unique interventions. This is mainly because such hairs are more likely to entangle when being handled and pose uncalled for problems.

By reason of being specially designed, this blow dryer is indeed well able to handle those challenges well. It embodies a stellar combination of power, speed, and elegant design. Moreover, its manufacturer, BaBylissPRO, is a renowned world leader in professional hair styling tools. It is hence more likely to deliver the required outcomes.

Features and Benefits

Concentrator Nozzle

The nozzle is the component of the dryer that channels the hot air to the desired part of the body. This dryer’s nozzle can also vary the intensity of the hot air beside channeling them only.

6 Heat and Speed Settings

To grant you the convenience to vary the speed and intensity of the blowing process, the appliance also has these settings. You will, therefore, be able to do a good job on the whole.

Removable Filter

You may also remove its filter. This makes cleaning the filter a simplified activity. Other than that, it also prevents the build-up of dirt and debris which may permanently damage it.

Cool Shot Button

Once you are done blowing your hair, you will naturally have to store it or future use. This button helps you to accomplish such a feat simply. It does so by locking the appliance in place.


  • Has a lightweight and ergonomic handling
  • Provides a wide range of styling options
  • Offers heavy-duty 2000-watt performance
  • Features an iconic appearance
  • Equipped with the Nano Titanium technology


  • Comes along with a limited 4-year warranty
  • Consumes plenty of electrical power
  • Exerts higher maintenance fees


No other dryer provides a unique stellar combination of power, speed, and design apart from this dryer. It is, therefore, that kind of dryer you just cannot afford to overlook.

You cannot even afford to debate whether this dryer is indeed a worthy purchase or not!


4. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

Sensitive hair requires special attention. This is because they are susceptible to fraying, pull outs, and other problems. They can also be painful to handle and may even cause rashes to develop while being blown.

This blow dryer combines both power and ceramic technology. It is therefore equally tough but gentle enough not to inflict any damages on your head or hair. This being the case, you can be sure that the dryer will not inflict those mentioned harms at all.

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Features and Benefits

Ionic and Porcelain Ceramic technology

It does incorporate the two major blowing technologies i.e. the ionic and porcelain ceramic technology, respectively. It spares your hair from the risks of static electricity charges and excessive burns.

Extra-High Wattage

The appliance is engineered with extra wattage. It is, as a matter of fact, able to generate a whopping 2000 Watts of output. This ensures that ‘no stone is left unturned’ and that every strand of hair is impacted.

Professional A/C Motor

Other than the high power output, the dryer also generates high blowing power. This is made possible by the extra powerful and professional AC motor. It will leave no chuff or debris behind at all.

8 mm Concentrator Nozzle

Closing the list of its topnotch features is the 8 mm concentrator nozzle. This is removable and may be attached or detached whenever the need so dictates. It basically channels and varies the intensity of air flow.


  • Extra gentle to handle and operate
  • Produces an even far-infrared heat
  • Protects your hair from unnecessary damages
  • Delivers superb performance indeed
  • Very reliable due to the four temperature settings


  • Weighs a whopping 1 pound (0.45 kg)
  • Backed by a not so generous warranty
  • Accommodates fewer accessories and attachments and is thus less versatile


Because you do not want to waste too much of your time, you desperately want this dryer. As you can see, it embodies a unique combination of power and technology.

Are you a professional salonist? This indeed is the worthy companion you have been searching for all along!


5. Remington D3190A Damage Control Ceramic Hair Dryer

Remington Ceramic Hair Dryer

Not all hairs are straight. Quite a number are curly, wavy, and even entangled. Because of this, they cannot be handled or blown by using normal blow dryers. They require more powerful and technically advanced appliances for this job.

By reason of incorporating both advanced technology and powerful airflow, this best blow dryer for African American hair fits that particular bill as much as possible. It also has the added advantage of conferring great aesthetics given its colorful appearance. This subsequently means that you stand to accrue so much benefit than you actually pay for.

Features and Benefits

1875-Watt Motor

Perhaps its most outstanding feature is this 1875-Watt motor. This powerful motor generates a strong and consistent flow of air. It is hence able to dry even the thickest and wavy hair in no time.


Unlike most other dryers, this one has micro-conditioners. These spray the chemicals via the dryer’s airflow while blowing your hair. They help to prevent damage and maximize shine and give you three times more protection.

Advanced Technology

Another distinguishing feature is its possession of advanced technology. These include negative ions which reduce frizz, infrared heat for faster drying, and tourmaline technology that protects your hair cuticles from over-heating.

3 Heat Settings + 2 Speed Settings

You will easily find the right temperature and speed of airflow for your hair. This is made possible by the 3 heat and the 2-speed settings. Consequently, you will enjoy a greater degree of satisfaction indeed.


  • Protects your hair’s cuticle from over-heating
  • Reduces hair damage and maximizes shine
  • Emits plenty of negative ions to reduce frizz
  • Dries your hair quickly
  • Accommodates several attachments to let you specialize your unique style


  • Quite complicated to an average user
  • For professional use only
  • Requires some technical skill to operate


In summary, this dryer incorporates both the advanced technologies and powerful airflow. This subsequently means you will derive greater efficiency while handling your hair. For this reason, the dryer is suited for professional use.

Look to no other dryer in case you are a fulltime professional salonist.


6. Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer

Conair Pro Hair Dryer

Too much cosmetics may often damage the hair somehow. This is why natural shines are by all means called for. Not all blow dryers can deliver this desired outcome. Only an appliance that is exclusively designed for that purpose may yield that outcome.

This best blow dryer for black hair is equipped with ionic conditioning feature. This feature provides natural ion outputs which help to fight frizz and in so doing, brings out your natural hair shine. You may, therefore, consider incorporating it as part of your beauty and hair care armory.

Features and Benefits

Chrome Barrel

Its barrel which is by far its most conspicuous component comes in the form of a chrome barrel. It features a black sparkly finish which exudes added aesthetics to your room and décor.

Ionic Conditioning

The likelihood that your hair will be shocked or entangled shall be greatly minimized by this ionic conditioning feature. It reduces static electricity in your hair to deliver a silky and shiny outcome.

DC Motors

A powerful DC motor which is equipped with 3 heat and 2-speed settings produces the blowing power. This, in turn, guarantees speedy and custom styling to your hair at all times.

Cool Shot Button

The appliance further enables you to lock in your favorite style courtesy of the cool shot button. This greatly expedites your overall use and experience at all times. It also spares you of unnecessary effort and hassles.


  • Unaffected by the likelihood of the build-up of lint
  • Comes along with a 5-foot long line power cord
  • Provides uniform heat for faster drying and less hair damage
  • Locks in style by reason of the cool shot
  • Includes a concentrator for focused airflow and straight styles


  • Generates less power output of just about 1875 watts
  • Cannot handle thick hair well
  • Less aesthetic


The main selling point of this dryer, which you cannot afford to disregard is the ionic conditioning. You just do not want to forfeit the benefits of frizz and natural shines, do you?

Do you care so much for your natural hair? Find this dryer wherever you can find it.


7. BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

Regular traveling brings with some unique set of challenges. For one, you may travel to an area that uses a different voltage standard. You will also have to transport your blow dryer with you. This may bring with it the need for extra storage space and attention.

Not all blow dryers may be transported seamlessly. Only those that are exclusively designed for the purpose such as this may be easily transported. Moreover, this specific appliance can also be utilized on a worldwide scale given its ability to work well in all voltage ratings.

Features and Benefits

Pure Tourmaline Gemstones

Unlike most other blow dryers, this one is fitted with the pure tourmaline gemstones. These gemstones are natural sources of negative ions and infra-red heat. You will less likely experience any overheating or hair damage.


It also conducts heat differently from most other blow dryers. This is because it utilizes Titanium rather than Copper or Aluminum. This material provides superior heat conductivity and less vulnerability to shocks.

Negative Ions

This blower also generates plenty of negative ions. These get rid of frizz and close the cuticle at the same time. In so doing, they prevent any further damages to the hair.

Natural Infra-red Heat

As hinted above, the appliance generates natural infra-red heat. This heat is milder than the artificial infra-red heat. It penetrates deep into the head and results into faster drying.


  • Has a foldable handle for convenient transportation
  • Works well with dual voltage for worldwide applicability
  • Extremely light in weight and very portable
  • Quite powerful yet compact
  • Suitable for regular travels


  • Limited 12-month warranty
  • Lower power output (1000 watts)
  • Generates fewer hairstyles


For those regular travels, this BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer is, by all means, the most suitable. The fact that it accommodates dual voltage makes it all the more suited for worldwide applicability.

Make your international travels memorable and hassle-free by opting for this dryer.


8. Conair 1875 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

Conair Compact Hair Dryer

In some instances, you may often confront the need to utilize your blow dryer in remote locations. These are areas that are ordinarily cut off from the mains electricity supply. For you to be able to blow dry your hair in such remote locales, you must acquire a dryer that may be used in such areas with ease.

A dryer of this kind has to be compatible with as many voltage ratings as possible. It also has to be lighter in weight and possess a compact design for the sake of simplified travels.

Features and Benefits

Patented “Twist it” Folding Handle

Top of its convenient features is the patented ‘twist it’ folding handles. This feature compresses the size of the dryer and hence allows it to fit just about anywhere.

Folding Handle

To also make it simpler for you to store and carry the dryer around, the handle is deliberately made foldable. It is also able to ft extremely smaller spaces as well.

Dual Voltage

It can operate on the two main voltage standards i.e. the 110V and the 220V, respectively. This enables you to travel around the world unhindered. You will be able to enjoy its benefits just about anywhere.

Ionic Technology and 2 Heat and Speed Settings

This styler can provide ample and evenly distributed heat. This is made courtesy by the existence of these two features. You will be free from the risks of overheating and damages to your hair as the result of this.


  • Very versatile and able to produce several unique hairstyles
  • Suitable for regular travels as well
  • Features a compact design and light in weight
  • Quite convenient to handle
  • Locks your preferred style in place


  • Less durable compared to most gadgets of its kind
  • Generates lower returns on investments
  • Calls for higher maintenance costs


By its nature and design, the dryer assures you of the dual benefits of great shines and universal applicability. Search for it and make it a part of your armory for your next flight or journey.

Are you planning for a long distance travel? This dryer should not miss in your suitcase!


9. Conair 1875 Watt Mid-Size Styler Hair Dryer

Conair Styler Hair Dryer

Most of the time, you will usually have to pay a visit to a salon to have your hair blown or treated. This ought to not necessarily be the case though. It is possible for you to do so at the comfort of your own room or house.

A simple and dependable hair dryer of this kind is all you desperately need. It has very simplified controls and as such do not require you to master very technical skills and jargons to operate well.

Features and Benefits

5-foot Power Cord

Its power cord is long enough to let you use it farther away from a power source. This is because it measures 5 feet long. It is also free from the risks of tangles and knots.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle is ergonomically shaped and designed to fit as perfectly in your hands as possible. Your hands will not sustain any blisters or unnecessary discomforts in the course of engaging the appliance.

High, Off, and Low Settings

You will also enjoy the freedom of being able to determine the intensity, speed, and temperature of your working. This will also enable you to determine the quality of your final outcomes.

1875-Watt Power Output

In sharp contrast to most other dryers, this one generates power for both blowing and styling. This power is generated by the 1875-watt power motor. It sees to it that both processes are carried out with ruthless efficiencies.


  • Non-slip grip for comfortable handling
  • to handle and engage
  • Comfortable and safe use
  • Lightweight design
  • An essential tool for your styling needs indeed


  • Provides only two heat and speed settings
  • Too basic to handle complex hairstyles effectively
  • Not so reputable brand


You do not have to be a professional salonist or pay a visit to a hair salon to have your hair dried. This simple and dependable hair dryer absolves you from both needs.

To save yourself a bit of time and enjoy the benefits of convenience, find this dryer wherever you can.


10. Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

Conair Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

During cold seasons, it may often be tricky to dry your hair. This is because the atmospheric temperatures are generally lower and with it, the rates of evaporation. A dryer that can do well under such circumstances is by all means called for.

This is that kind of a dryer. It is indeed intended for fast drying and also provides uniform heat. This way, it predisposes your hair to reduced risks of damages when compared to most other dryers of its kind.

Features and Benefits

Powerful High-torque Motor

A powerful motor provides the blowing power needed to bring along the desired outcomes. It, therefore, follows that by utilizing this blower, you will enjoy the benefits of faster drying and excellent outcomes.

Ionic technology

The key operations of this appliance are this ionic technology. It basically works by creating silky, shiny hair that has up to 75 percent less frizz compared natural ion generations.

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

Its tourmaline ceramic technology, on the other hand, provides you with infrared heat that protects your hair from heat damage. This way, you will be able to handle even the sensitive and weak hair without any unnecessary worries.

Retractable Cord-keeper Handle

Lastly, a retractable cord-keeper handle will help you to store the appliance conveniently. The cord retracts or draws back to take up as little space as possible. It also allows you to transport the item without too much hassle.


  • Can be customized for all hair types
  • Possesses a cool shot to lock your style in place
  • Has a removable filter for easy cleaning
  • Accompanied by a concentrator and diffuser attachments
  • Produces smooth and shiny-looking hair


  • Has some delicate parts
  • Prone to frequent breakdowns
  • Not so reliable in the long run


For faster drying and uniform heat, turn to this particular dryer. You will also enjoy the benefit of reduced hair damages. It is more suitable for sensitive scalp and weak hair.

Do you experience loss of hair and other head issues? Your answer lies in this hair dryer.



best hair dryer for natural hair

Step I: Clean and Shampoo your Hair

Start out by cleaning and shampooing your hair. Use a shoe brush to get rid of any dandruff or dust from your hair. Proceed to wash your hair using warm water, appropriate detergent, and shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and dry using a very clean towel.

Step II: Apply Conditioner

Apply a hair conditioner on your hair and spread them out. This is to enhance the texture, shine, and appearance of your hair. You may consider adding a leave-in hair conditioner at this stage to dampen your hair.

Step III: Apply Heat Protectant

To shield your hair from excess heat, consider applying a heat protectant. This is not mandatory though because most modern dryers can be regulated to supply just the right amount of heat. You also would not wish to take chances with the health of your hair.

Step IV: Blow your Hair

Now blow your hair. Set the right speed and temperature. You may refer to the manufacturer’s manual to get the appropriate inspiration. Employ a very meticulous approach in order to prevent the strands of hair from getting entangled with each other. Do so repeatedly until you obtain the desired results.

Step V: Style your Hair Accordingly

Thereafter proceed to style your hair accordingly. You may invoke the assistance of a professional salonist at this stage. This is because the activity requires some mastery of technical skills and a third party.


Frequency of Use

How often do you plan to use the blow dryer? As a general rule, you should look for a dryer that is tough and durable in case you intend to use it repeatedly for longer. Those dryers that are made of stainless steel and other tough materials are most likely to confer this durability.

Thickness of Hair

How thick or soft your hair also determines to a large extent the choice of a blow dryer. Thicker hairs are generally more difficult to handle. Because of this, they require extremely powerful motors which are more likely to produce the strong blowing power.

Available Storage Space

These blow dryers are rarely used. You do not blow your hair every quite often, right? This means that for a large part, the appliances have to be kept somewhere in your house. To avoid unnecessary inconveniences, you definitely want to settle for one that has a compact design and hence requires limited storage space.

Geographic Locale

Different geographical locales support or accommodate different voltages. Most areas operate either the 110V or the 220V. Quite a few do operate on the 250V. To be on the safe side of issues, you should settle on a blow dryer that is universal in scope i.e. can operate on different voltage settings.

Other Factors

Other structural factors such as the cord length, brand, price, and manufacturer’s warranty are equally vital. Be sure to check them out and critique them before making a final purchasing decision.


1. What are the top brands of a blow dryer for natural hair as of the year 2020?

Ans:As of the year 2020, the BIO IONIC, T3 Featherweight Luxe, Parlux 385 Powerlight, TAIFF Fox, Elchim, and the Panasonic have proved to be the leading brands of blow dryers for natural hair. In your search for the most suitable dryers, give them a topmost priority.

2. How much does a good blow dryer go for?

Ans: Most cost $30 or there about

3. Who invented the blow dryer?

Ans: Alexander F. “Beau” Godefroy

4. When and where was the first blow dryer invented?

Ans: 1890 in France

5. Are there any side effects that come along with the usage of blow dryers?

Ans: YES, there are. Excessive usage might lead to the damage to hair and scalp. This is because the pressure or power generated might pull the hair out of the skin.

6. Apart from drying the hair, to what other uses may the blow dryer be devoted?

Ans: You may use it to quickly dry wet nails, accelerate the drying of your self-tanner, and break in your new shoes, among others.

7. Do I need to be a professional salonist to be able to utilize a blow dryer?

Ans: Not at all! Some are simple in design and functionality as to allow you to use them without possessing any relevant skills.


I do sincerely hope that you have found my research findings and buying guide above very informative and eye-opening. Please note that the long-term reliability of the list I have compiled above may not hold. This is because it is subject to change any day any time owing to the highly dynamic nature of such items. In light of this, I strongly urge you to carry out some independent market survey prior to making a purchase. It is only in this way that you will be able to arrive at a more informed decision of best blow dryer for natural hair.

I close by inviting you to make a purchase of at least one of the best blow dryer for natural hair I have reviewed above. I may suggest the Conair 1875 Watt Mid-Size Styler Hair Dryer in case you do not have any in mind. This is due to its simple design and ease of use. You will get to learn the basics of blow drying without incurring too much expense by opting for it.

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