Bathing, grooming, and general ablution are everyday events. They are also sensitive activities given that they determine how we end up appearing. This being the case, they have to be carried out with much care and precaution. So, we have examined the best bathrobes for women and made a top 10 list of the robes for 2022

We are glad to introduce to you the bathrobe. This is basically a special kind of attire which you wear while performing the functions we have outlined above. It is a long, loose and coat-like garment that is tied at the waist level. It is worn immediately before and after showering. Some may even be worn while sleeping.

The aim of this buying guide will be to explore all that pertain these bathrobes. It is going to examine the reasons why bathrobes are essential, how to buy a good bathrobe, a review of some of the best bathrobes for women, and some of the commonly asked questions about bathrobes.


In this section, we reviewed top 10 best bathrobes for women of 2022. Let’s see the list.

#Bathrobes for womenColorSizeHood
1Richie House Women's Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe RobePink,Grey,Red & many moreSmall,Medium,Large, X-LargeNo
2TowelSelections Women's Robe Turkish CottonAsh,Air Blue & many moreSmall,Medium,Large, X-LargeNo
3Alexander Del Rossa Womens Fleece RobePink Red, Black and White Giraffe & many moreSmall,Medium,Large & many sizeYes
4Noble Mount Women's Premium Coral FleeceDiamond Red Wine,Diamond Cream,Purple & Many moreSmall,Medium, Largen& many sizeNo
5TowelSelections Women's RobePurple,Green Lake,Lavender, Hot Pink & many moreX-Small,Small, Medium & many sizeNo
6Richie House Women's Bathrobe RobeGrey,Peach, Rose,Striped & many moreSmall,Medium,Large & many sizeYes
7Bereal Kimono Robe, Long Soft Thick Bath Robes For WomenGraySmallNo
8VEAMI Women's Aspen Ultra-Soft Plush WarmBoysenberry, Leopard Rosette,Midnight Snow & many moreSmall,Medium,Large, X-LargeYes
9Just Love Hooded Velour Robe for WomenRed,Black,Navy & many moreX-Small,Small, Medium & many sizeYes
10Zexxxy Women's Kimono Robe Solid Color ShortCoffee,Light Blue, Pink & many moreSmall,Medium, Large & many sizeNo

1.Richie House Women’s Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe Robe 

Richie House Womens Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe Robe

Is your hunt for a suitable bathrobe determined by the need to accommodate both males and females? If you answered yes, then you may wish to consider this bathrobe. This is because it is designed with the ability to fulfill such a need. All its various parts, components, and functionality are geared towards that end. Among the various features it possesses are two large pockets, soft, warm, cozy women’s robes and comfortable fabric makeup. You will get to know more about it in the ensuing mini-review:

Features and Benefits

Large Pockets

Perhaps its most distinguishing trait is the two large pockets. In these pockets, you may place your bathing soap, sponge, bath lotion, and other paraphernalia. You also get to access them conveniently.

Comfortable Material Makeup

It is primarily made of the soft polyester fleece fabric. This material is warm enough as it traps plenty of heat. It is also less likely to inflict bruises on your skin. It is hence good for those with sensitive skin.

Variable Colors

Also coming alongside this bathrobe is the fact that it is available in various colors. This gives you the freedom to select the color that matches your unique taste or preference.


Coming last in its list of elegant features is the double-stitched seams and hems. This technique strengthens the fabric and makes it quite resilient to tears and frays.


  • Long lasting
  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Ultra soft and comfortable
  • Can be used for different purposes at a time
  • Strong enough to be worn daily


  • Quite heavy
  • Cumbersome to handle and engage
  • Takes up plenty of storage space


As you can see, this is no ordinary bathrobe. Its sheer strength, elegant appearance, maximum comfort, and the ability to satisfy for women alike is something to be envied.

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2.TowelSelections Women’s Robe Turkish Cotton

owelSelections Womens Robe Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono Bathrobe Made in Turkey

Do you reside in a cold area or intend to utilize your bathrobe during the cold season? If you said yes, then you require an extremely warm bathrobe. Such a bathrobe should have a hood, be long enough to cover you completely, be easy to wash and be made of very soft fabric among others. This indeed is that kind of fabric. As you shall clearly see in the mini-review that follows, it has all those traits, and indeed, so much more.

Features and Benefits

Fleece Robe

It does have soft and warm fabric that has the texture that is pretty similar to those of the wool of sheep. As such, it is very soft, very warm, and quite comfortable to wear.

Hooded Bathrobe

The bathrobe does have a hood, a feature that separates it from the rest. This is a head covering which you may deploy to offer protection to your hair especially when it is raining.

Super Plush Shawl Collar

At its collar is the super plush shawl. This will brush against the collar region of your body to deliver a super soft feeling. It will soothe you and aid you in relaxing.


Lastly, the bathrobe does have a belt. By use of this belt, you can fasten or loosen it appropriately. This belt thus prevents it from sagging unnecessarily especially when you are bathing.


  • You can wear it day and night
  • Is machine-washable
  • Very resilient to frays and tears
  • Brings along greater value for money
  • Available in various sizes and shapes


  • Moderately expensive
  • Have comparatively fewer uses
  • Returns less value for money


The verdict is clear! Your search for a suitable bathrobe to confront those cold seasons has indeed come to an end. This indeed is the bathrobe that you have been looking for.

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3. Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Fleece Robe

Alexander Del Rossa Womens Fleece Robe

Are you looking for a lightweight and convenient to wear attire? If I heard you answer yes, then you probably wish to consider this one. Its most outstanding trait is the extremely lightweight material makeup. It is so light in fact that you will hardly feel any excess weight or burden. Other prominent features are the extra long size and its ability to offer coverage to all of your crucial body parts. Find out more about it in the mini-review that follows:

Features and Benefits

Plush Microfleece Robe

It primarily consists of the 15-ounce microfiber fleece. Due to this construction, it is extremely warm, light in weight, and very comfortable indeed. You will hence find it an awesome wear.

Warm Hood

The bathrobe does come along with a warm hood. The hood is large enough to cover even your eyes and ears! As the result of this, you will find it quite warm and handy to wear.

Premium 100% Polyester

Its material makeup comprises entirely of the premium polyester material. This material, and by extension the entire bathrobe, is extremely light in weight and breathable. It is also easier to keep clean and maintain.

Double Belt Loops

In the last spot of its outstanding features is the double belt loops. These basically grant you the rare privilege of fastening the bathrobe to respond to your unique waist size.


  • Customizable to fit your unique dimensions
  • Extremely soft and warm
  • Covers the entire body
  • Contains chemical-free dyes
  • Keeps your ears and eyes warm also


  • Quite unaffordable
  • Somewhat clumsy
  • Strictly for women


Look no further than this bathrobe in case you primarily care for the weight. As you can clearly see from the foregoing, it is very light and hence convenient to wear.

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4. Noble Mount Premium Coral Fleece Plush Spa/Bath Robe

Noble Mount Womens Premium Coral Fleece

Have you been on the lookout for the best bathrobes for women that you may wear conveniently in your spa? If so, your search has come to an abrupt end with your encounter with this bathrobe. It is indeed manufactured and exclusively intended for use in spas and hot baths. Its material composition, less absorbent nature, and lightweight are some of the relevant features. As you shall discover in the mini-review that follow, it contains all the features and structural makeup necessary for this role.

Features and Benefits

Self-tie Belt

The bathrobe comes along with a self-tie belt at its waist region. It contains loops on either side of the waist. It is on these loops that you insert the belt whenever you are fixing it in place.

Super-fluffy Coral Fleece

In its entirety, the fabric that makes up the bathrobe is super-soft and super-fluffy coral fleece. It is very gentle on your skin, quite comfortable, and pretty warm for your maximum enjoyment.

Cuffed Sleeves

Its sleeves are cuffed i.e. it is folded at the extreme ends. They also come along with piping. These basically decorate the sleeves and thus make them quite breathtaking to behold.

Mid-calf Length

This bathrobe has a mid-calf length. This simply means that it drops somewhere between your knees and your feet. This is long enough to cover your essentials when you put it on.


  • Exquisite craftsmanship and detailing
  • Extremely soft and luxurious hand feel
  • Stylish contrast piping
  • Good at trapping heat
  • Does not develop creases unnecessarily


  • Discharges fewer roles and is hence less lucrative
  • Not so convenient to handle or carry around
  • Quite taxing to clean and maintain


Wow! What more can you possibly ask for when you are searching for a suitable spa attire? This bathrobe is all you desperately require. It will serve you well indeed.

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5. Towel Selections Women’s Robe, Super Plush Fleece Spa

TowelSelections Womens Robe

Are you looking for a great bathrobe companion for those chilly days? Would you wish to possess the best robe for women that are great to wear while you are walking your dog outside? Did I hear you answer yes? This indeed is the bathrobe you have been looking for all along! It is soft, comfortable, and very warm indeed. It traps plenty of heat and keeps you insulated from the excessive cold. Get to know more about it in the mini-review below.

Features and Benefits

Shawl Fleece Robe

Its entire length comprises the shawl fleece robe. This robe is extremely soft and quite effective in trapping heat. It is this trait that makes it all the more suited for those chilly days.

Plush Luxury Bathrobe

Other than merely keeping you warm, this bathrobe also confers on you the benefits of added luxury. This is mainly by reason of its fabric makeup and breathtaking appearance.

100% Polyester Fleece

The bathrobe is made entirely of polyester material. As you know, this material is extremely light in weight, very soft, and quite breathable. It will not suffocate you at all even when you wear it for long.

Removable Belt

It also comes along with a removable belt. You basically use the belt to fasten the attire on your waist and prevent it from falling off your body even when you are jogging.


  • Quite warm and very soft indeed
  • Contains a comfortable shawl collar
  • Has two front pockets for extra storage space
  • Machine washable and hence easier to clean
  • Light in weight and convenient to wear


  • Returns fewer benefits for money invested
  • Not for spas and hot baths
  • May not offer much value when it is hot outside


Are you a lover of luxury? Are you also preparing for chilly days? Then what are you waiting for? Grab this bathrobe as soon as possible! It is all you need for those occasions.

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6. Richie House Women’s Bathrobe Robe with Two Ears UNI Size

Richie House Womens Bathrobe Ro

In case your search for a suitable bathrobe is mainly informed by the need to lounge indoors, then this is the one not to overlook. It is indeed perfectly suited for lounging around the house. This is mainly due to its shorter length and lightweight material makeup. It is indeed breathable and slender enough to allow you to conveniently put it on indoors. All of its finer details are going to be examined and explained in details in the mini-review below.

Features and Benefits

Superior Fleece Fabric

At the top of its key features is the superior fleece fabric. This is extremely soft and warm. It hence traps as much heat as can be to guarantee you the needed comfort.

Stylish Details

The manufacturer has taken every precaution to make the attire as stylish, luxurious, and comfortable as possible. You will find it quite a worthy, comprehensive, elegant, and comfortable wear indeed!

Cute Hood with Ears

It does have a cute hood. However, unlike the other bathrobes, it also comes along with ears. These are to grant your ears some breathing space. They hence contribute to added comfort to you.

Two Oversized Front Pockets

Lastly, it does come along with two over-sized front pockets. It is in these pockets that you may conveniently place your toiletries. The pockets also allow you seamless access to the same.


  • Pretty soft
  • Very warm
  • Quite a comfortable animal style robe
  • Extremely breathable
  • High-quality construction


  • Not long enough for comprehensive coverage
  • Not suitable for those chilly days
  • Does not offer much value when worn outdoors


For all your indoor use, consider this particular bathrobe. It indeed is suited for indoor use by reason of being tailored specifically towards that end. Its breathable nature and lightweight are particularly desirable.

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7. Bereal Kimono Robe, comfortable bathrobe

Bereal Kimono Robe, Long Soft Thick Bath Robes For Women

Are you on the search for a bathrobe which you may wear in just about every other occasion? If you said yes, then you require a well-designed, durable, breathtaking, and multipurpose bathrobe. This indeed is that bathrobe. You may wear it in just about every other occasion. These are swimming, beach, hot springs, daily life spa, and partying, to mention but a few! By possessing it, you thus stand to reap the benefit of higher returns on investments since it is capable of discharging numerous functions.

Features and Benefits

Flannel Material

The bathrobe is mainly made of the flannel fabric material. The material is very friendly to the skin and pretty soft. You are less likely to sustain bruises or unnecessary discomforts.

Multipurpose Design

Unlike the standard bathrobes, this one is designed to discharge various other roles at a time besides being worn while bathing. Among these are the cardigan, unisex, long sleeve, and so on.

Stylish Appearance

It is also designed to exude style, class, and elegance. It is indeed fashionable, romantic, casual, and elegant in style. You, therefore, stand to derive some prestige and elegance by wearing it.

Elegant Workmanship

Apart from stylish appearance, this bathrobe is also elegantly made. It has no threads, has tidy stitching, lacks any chemical smell, and is generally well-made. It will hence last long and serve you well.


  • Keep warm in winter
  • For both women and men
  • Can be used as a nightgown as well
  • Long enough to cover you entirely
  • Very thick to insulate you from excess cold


  • Quite unaffordable
  • Inconvenient to clean and maintain
  • Some users may find it complicated to engage


Well, there you have it! This indeed is your attire of choice in case you intend to leverage the benefits of unhindered convenience. As you can clearly see, it has what it takes to deliver on that expectation.

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8. VEAMI Aspen Ultra-Soft Plush Warm Fleece Bathrobe

VEAMI Womens Aspen Ultra-Soft Plush Warm

Are you looking for a bathrobe that can keep you warm in those extra cool evenings and chilly mornings? Well, your answer lies in this bathrobe in case you responded yes to that question. This bathrobe is very warm indeed. It does trap plenty of heat by its sheer design and fabric makeup. Moreover, it neither creases nor folds and is thus convenient to put on. In the proceeding mini-review, you will get to know its finer details as well as its suitability.

Features and Benefits

Front Patch Pockets

Perhaps its most prominent feature is the front patch pockets. These pockets provide you with plenty of storage space. In these spaces, you have the chance to keep your toiletries and other essentials.


At its waist is a sash tie. This is basically a special kind of belt with which you may fasten the bathrobe on your waist. It also helps you to trap plenty of heat.

Stylish Hood

In order to cover your head region perfectly well, this bathrobe is equipped with a hood. This hood is airtight and as such, traps as much heat as possible. It, therefore, keeps your head warmed well.

Long Sleeves

It also has long sleeves that fully cover your hands. In so doing, they provide your hands with the warmth they require. It is hence suited for those extremely chilly conditions.


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Easy to care for
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Machine-washable fabric
  • Indulgently soft and luxurious


  • Not so durable
  • Not as breathable as should be
  • The brand is not so reputable


This indeed is your bathrobe of choice if you are that kind of a person who likes hanging around in the morning or late in the evening. It is bound to deliver you the warmth you require.

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9. Just Love Hooded Velour Robe for Women

Just Love Hooded Velour Robe for Women

Do you just want the best robes that you simply have to wear indoors? If so, then you may consider this loungewear. It is a special kind of bathrobe that is exclusively designed for relaxation and indoor use. It is your great companion in the lounge area of your room. This is because it is extremely light in weight and a bit cool. In the proceeding mini-review, we are going to let you know its finer details and its suitability for the said purpose.

Features and Benefits

Luxurious Design

In all, the bathrobe features a luxurious design. This is mainly due to its soft and wooly fabric makeup, soft texture, and great aesthetics. You stand to accrue the benefit of maximum luxury when you wear it.


As has been stated, this bathrobe is mainly intended to be worn in the lounge. This is mainly because it is made from incredibly soft velour and has a Sherpa-lined hood.

Great Fit

The manufacturer of the attire has made every effort to ensure that every would-be wearer is accommodated. This bathrobe is available in almost all sizes and shapes and is hence suited for just about anyone.

High-quality Finish

Closing the list of its top features is the high-quality finish. This comes in the form of elegant stitching, beautiful hem lining, a clean look, and plush robe handles.


  • Has a beautiful finished look
  • Does not shrink when machine-washed
  • Delivers higher returns on investments
  • Exudes amazing comfort
  • Induces a sense of luxury, class, and prestige


  • Poorly ventilated
  • Requires plenty of water and detergents to wash
  • Unsuitable for outdoors


Well, do you plan to keep warm while staying indoors? This indeed is your best bet and most worthy companion. Give it a try and you will never regret it.

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10. Zexxxy Women’s Kimono Short Robe

Zexxxy Womens Kimono Robe Solid Color Short

Are you looking for a multipurpose bathrobe? Well, look no further than this pajama bathrobe. As its name suggests, you may use it to sleep besides serving the ordinary roles. Examples of these additional roles include partying, swimming, outdoors, and general relaxation. This is made possible by the existence of several features and traits. Among these are its resistance to creases, extremely breathable fabric, proper ventilation, and beautiful design. The aim of the mini-review below is to examine the various traits and features that make it stand out.

Features and Benefits

Zipper Front Design

It does have a zipper on its front. This is designed to conveniently let you open and close the bathrobe. It also aids in trapping heat and making you as warm and comfortable as can be.

Lace Floral

The exterior portions of the bathrobe are embroidered with lace floral. These provide you wonderful and breathtaking appearance indeed. They hence contribute to the general aesthetics of the attire as a whole.

Pleasant Cashmere

In all, the entire bathrobe is made of cashmere-soft wool. The choice of this material is indeed good for you. It assures you adequate skin care and warmth needed for your winter day and night.

Pajama Bathrobe

Lastly, the bathrobe is good for sleeping too! This is because it is light in weight, breathable, and does not shrink or sustain too many creases. It will provide you with the comfort and companionship you require for sound sleep.


  • Warm enough for winter wear and use
  • Breathtaking to behold
  • Pretty effective at trapping heat
  • Does not stretch when washed by machines
  • Covers the entire body plus the feet


  • Does not fit as many kinds of wearers as possible
  • Not accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Not so reliable or reputable brand


To save yourself money and be sure of maximum benefits, this indeed is the bathrobe to settle for. As you can see, it does have the uncanny ability to discharge several roles at a go.

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Expedites Bathing and Grooming

These are the chief roles of these attires. They expedite bathing and grooming by enabling you to take them off and on again. Some even have pockets where you can place your various grooming items.

Absorbs Moisture

Apart from merely covering your body before and after bathing, these robes can also dry your body. They act as a towel by their fabric makeup. They, therefore, simplify your bathing experience.

Sleeping Gear

They can also serve the role of a pajama. In light of this, they enable you to sleep comfortably. Since they are primarily used for grooming, it follows that you save a great deal of time when you wake up to shower.

Indoor Casual Wear

Most bathrobes can also be used for indoor casual wear. In this regard, you put them on while staying indoors. They eliminate your need to buy too many clothes at a time.

Warming up the Body

These attires are warm owing to their thick fabric makeup. They, therefore, come in handy in the terribly harsh winter months. This is because they trap heat and contribute to warming the body.


Their warm and drying nature also makes them perfect for swimming. By opting for them, you do not have to carry along several attires to dry your body or change for swimming.



You should look for attire that closely matches your unique size. This is to avoid straining or the consequences of putting on an oversized garment. It is also necessary in order to guarantee you maximum comfort.

Fabric Makeup

These robes are made up of different fabrics. Each fabric has its own strength and weaknesses. On the whole, cotton, silk, and nylon are the best fabrics. This is due to their warm and highly absorbent nature.

Intended Uses

To what uses do you intend to put the bathrobes? As has already been hinted above, these robes may serve various purposes. Determine your own intended use(s) of this robe and then go ahead and look for one that is capable of performing those roles.


Your decision to settle for a given bathrobe will largely depend on the financial resources at your disposal. Be sure to look for a bathrobe that falls within your budget. Time your purchase in such a way as to take maximum advantage of any special offers, discounts, or promos too.


This refers to the general feel of the fabric that makes up the bathrobe. These bathrobes usually get into direct contact with the human body. You also do not want to sustain bruises or pricks, I suppose. For these reasons, be sure to look for a robe that is as smooth as possible.


1. What are the top brands of bathrobes?

Ans: As of the year 2022, the following are the leading women bathrobe brands: Simplicity, Hanes, Waffle, Jockey, Ekouaer, Del Rossa, Arus, and Fishers Finery. In your search for the right bathrobe, consider giving them a topmost priority.

2. What is the ideal weight of the best bathrobe?

Ans: Bathrobes are supposed to be as light as possible. The weight also varies from individual to individual depending mainly on the precise weight of the said individual.

3. What is the general price range of a good bathrobe?

Ans: Most bathrobes are priced in tens of dollars i.e. from $10-$99. The average price of a good bathrobe is $50.

4. Which are the best fabrics for a good bathrobe?

Ans: Nylon, Cotton, and Silk are the best fabrics for a good bathrobe. This is because they are very absorbent, are warm, and lighter in weight. They will deliver to your expectations as nearly as possible.

5. When and where were the first bathrobes invented?

Ans: The first bathrobes were manufactured in around 1800s in Japan.

6. How often should a bathrobe be washed or changed?

Ans: Because of their sensitive roles, bathrobes should be washed preferably once a week. If possible, they should be discarded after continuous usage of 1 year. This is to prevent hygiene-related infections owing to the accumulation of dirt.

7. Which is the world’s largest bathrobe?

Ans: The world’s largest bathrobe was manufactured by Camlik, Denizli and NESA Tekstil A.S. on 24 April 2010 in Turkey. Its dimensions are 15.17 meters (49 feet 9 inches) in length; 7.36 meters (24 feet 2 inches) chest circumference and 7.30 meters (23 feet 11 inches) sleeve length respectively.


In all, bathrobes are great possessions indeed. The benefits they confer are too significant to be underestimated. As such, no serious woman worth her salt can even contemplate overlooking them. Each woman ought to make it a point of acquiring at least one and incorporating it into her wardrobe collection.

We are hopeful that the information we have furnished you in this buying guide is enough to help you get started. Each of the best bathrobes for women we have reviewed above is unique in their own right. They also confer the sum total benefits of all bathrobes in existence. This means that they hold the key to your overall satisfaction and unique circumstances.

In light of this, we strongly urge you to consider placing an order or an expression of interest. We would all the more be glad to receive such inquiries and act on them soonest possible. Why don’t you consider taking this crucial step soonest possible?

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